• Rajmohan Madasamy Hindustan Unversity
  • Himanshu Shekhar
Keywords: Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Filter, Adder, Multiplier, Multiplication and Accumulation (MAC) Unit, Multiplexer, Digital Signal Processing (DSP)


For efficient digital FIR filter applications, the Multiplication and Accumulation (MAC) unit is implemented by using various methods. In a digital filter, the MAC unit is one of the main units for performing multiplications and additions. This paper presents an efficient filter design for digital signal processing (DSP) applications with the reduction of carry propagation. In general, the performance of transpose filter mainly depends on the design of MAC unit. The design of a traditional filter consists of a large number of logical elements and has a high computational delay due to the conventional MAC unit. To design an efficient MAC unit, a serial adder is employed by using 2:1 multiplexer and a shifter block. The proposed work is implemented by using Xilinx ISE synthesis tool.


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