Plagiarism Policy

The authors of IJASIS should confirm the following:

  1. The authors of the manuscript should ensure that they have written entirely original works.
  2. The submitted manuscript should be free from plagiarism.
  3. None of the part of article is extracted from other sources.
  4. Proper references should be provided if any contents extracted from other sources.
  5. If plagiarism is found at any stage of publication, IJASIS will sent a notification mail to author to rectify.
  6. Based on the percentile of plagiarism, the submitted article may be rejected without any review.
  7. If plagiarism is found after publication, the article is completely removed from the IJASIS archive. 

All submitted articles to IJASIS will be checked for plagiarism through Similarity Check by Crossref which uses Turnitin's powerful text comparision tool iThenticate.